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Director: Miron Zownir
Camera & Cut: Philip Koepsell | Soundtrack: King Khan
Berlin 2015 | HD | 16:9 | b/w | 98 min | German/English
Premiere, April 14, 2016 at 10:15 pm | Babylon | Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30 | 10178 Berlin

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The whole staff after the premiere

Back to Nothing-Filmteam
with Birol Ünel, Timo Jacobs, Milton Welsh, Rummelsnuff, Aljkzindyr Narmer, Meret Becker,
King Khan, Mark Philipps, Geno Lechner, David Scheller, Mario Mentrup, Komet Bernhard,
Texas Terry Bomb, Hanin Elias and the others.

PLOT: Photographer, author and filmmaker Miron Zownir’s second feature film, BACK TO NOTHING, was shot on abandoned, dilapidated locations in Berlin. A group of freaks subsist as city nomads in an uncontrolled ghetto, doomed for demolition. Hell breaks loose when their last hide out – a condemned factory complex – is to be knocked down. Kongo, Strasser, Bobby and Jackie are heading out – back to nothing. Zownir's stark b/w imagery depicts an erratic, immoral shadow world without hope or mercy, that forces his protagonists to the lowest level of survival.

SOUNDTRACK: The soundtrack for BACKTO NOTHING was composed by the Canadian musician King Khan, who also appears as an actor, playing the character of the Satanist PONTIUS.
What does it sound like when the godfather of Voodoo Soul King Khan joins forces with underground legend and man of many talents Miron Zownir?
The answer is supplied by the soundtrack to Zownir's latest cinematic end-time urban nightmare "Back to Nothing". Khan's sound collages lend the film a density and hypnotic quality that prove to be the ideal sonic accompaniment to Zownir’s cinematic visions.King Khan, the legendary Canadian musician from Psychedelic R&B band "King Khan & The Shrines" and half of "the King khan & BBQ Show" surprisingly does not provide the audience with the usual hypnotic rock & soul salvation that he is well known for. The soundtrack was custom made to be as disturbing as the images...